Vitamin B-12: placebo or
neglected therapeutic tool?

Newbold HL.
Med Hypotheses. 1989 Mar;28(3):155-64


Patients with normal serum vitamin B-12 levels were given injections of hydroxocobalamin (vitamin B-12b) interspersed with injections of sterile water. Those who felt better with B-12b had additional injections to establish the amount of B-12b that gave the maximum feeling of well-being. Serum vitamin B-12 tests were performed to record the level at which the patients felt best. On the same day they took a Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), an objective computerized psychological test. Hydroxocobalamin injections were then discontinued for 5 to 7 days. The patients took another serum vitamin B-12 test and another MMPI. With the higher vitamin B-12 levels, the MMPI patterns were at or closer to normal. With lower serum vitamin B-12 levels, MMPI patterns showed much more emotional distress. The author suspects that vitamin B-12 dependency disorders are common and are neglected by the medical profession.
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